Don't Lie Kids....

If it were my decision Barry Bonds's cell mate in prison would be none other than Irving Lewis "Scooter" Libby. Yet, I am not a federal court justice therefore I do not have the power to make such actions but one could wish.

We all know (well most people know) that President George W. Bush pardonned Scooter Libby's 30-month prison term so he only has to pay the $250,000 fine, two hours of supervised release plus 400 hours of community service. If Libby was able to get out of jail time after being convicted of 4 out of 5 counts of perjury and obstruction of justice, then it does not spell good news for the baseball fan who wants to see Bonds behind bars.

Last time, I checked lying about leaking a CIA operative's name to media outlets was a greater national security risk than lying about steroid usage. I have come to accept that justice will not be served in the case of Barry Lamar Bonds v. the United States of America just like in Libby's case. It is sad our judicial system has come to this, when the big guys get off from doing things we were told not to do as children.

Bonds and Libby were questioned by the Grand Jury lied under oath when questioned about steroid usage and leaking a CIA agent's identity, respectively. Nothing would have happened to Bonds if he was honest like Jason Giambi was when he was called to testify. The Grand Jury even went to the degree of granting immunity to Bonds to tell them everything he knew about his steroid usage from Balco.

Personally, I did not care that Bonds used steroids. It was his denial of his usage that soured me on him as a ballplayer and a person, because if you have to lie about something then you know you should not be doing it. And if you do happen to do something that is wrong it is better to come right out and admit it then hide behind lies. Former Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton learned this the hard way along with former U.S. Senator Gary Hart (no perjury charges but still lied when questioned by the press). Now Libby and Bonds can be added to the list.

It can be deduced that Bonds will probably not serve any prison time, since Libby committed a far worse action and was pardonned. There is something wrong with our justice system if a man who puts our national security at risk is allowed to walk free but goes all out to imprison a drug abuser. Lying about putting the United States in a compromising position, relating to national security, is more egregious than one man who shot himself up with steroids and lied about it.

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