I hope the Presidential candidates were watching...

First off I want to say good job to President George W. Bush’s speech writer. Really made President Bush look like he knew what he was talking about. The man is not best speaking president the United States has seen but he did a good job when the Red Sox visited Washington, D.C. earlier today. Also the 2008 Presidential candidates got a real look on who could be pitch-man material.

In his speech with the Boston Red Sox behind him, the President acknowledged Manny Ramirez’s absence, thanked Jonathan Papelbon for wearing pants and commented on his dancing abilities. President Bush also recognized Jon Lester’s battle with lymphoma and come back to be the starter and winner of game four of the World Series as well as crediting the Red Sox for extending manager Terry Francona’s contract.

But there was one thing I could not help but notice: the partisan politics. But everything in Washington reverts back to partisan politics. In the Boston Herald Crisp stated that he likes either Barack Obama (good choice) or Hilary Clinton in the upcoming Presidential election then winds up in the back row. Tim Wakefield said he was a big fan of President Bush and was standing in prime position of the President – near Curt Schilling.

Third baseman Mike Lowell endeared himself to President Bush and fellow Republicans with his criticism of Fidel Castro, Raul Castro and the Cuban government, thus was rewarded for it with a nice spot behind Bush. Since the Red Sox are so diverse and there is a Presidential election approaching in nine months, the candidates should use the Sox to their advantage.

Surprisingly John McCain did not swoop in and put the third baseman and the closer on the campaign payroll. With the 2007 World Series MVP in his camp, McCain would have the Cuban-American vote in the State of Florida. After Papelbon did the River-dance last year in his underwear on the Fenway Park field, it became even more apparent will do anything. After closing out the final game of the World Series last year, Papelbon has a face that is recognized throughout the country. Exactly what campaign managers are looking for. Can’t you just see it now, McCain and Papelbon doing the River-dance at campaign rally in March?

Since Coco pretty much lost his starting job in centerfield, he can go on the road with Barack Obama and sell the Illinois senator just like he sold the Red Sox Nation cards. Crisp’s dad can even get into the act. The Sox Nation commercial just needs a little tweaking to work for Obama. Speaking of Obama, with Texas being the next hot spot on the campaign trail, the first term Senator should have made friends with Sox ace and Texan Josh Beckett. (Fellow Texan Mike Timlin already supports McCain.)

Jacoby Ellsbury is not untouchable for the candidates either. The rights of Native Americans have always been a question of concern. Even though it is not really a high-priority issue but just as McCain could grab the Cuban-American vote, Obama could grab the vote of the Native Americans. I say Obama because he is the candidate that is most concerned about human rights (nationally and internationally) and American civil liberties.

Not only are the Red Sox the defending World Series Champions but because of their team diversity they could be instrumental in selecting the next President of the United States

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