Ellsbury = Rice and Crisp = Hinnant

The only question the Red Sox regarding their starting line up is in center. Who will start the season in center?

In my humble opinion, I do not think it is right to just give the job to the young 24-year old, Jacoby Ellsbury. Ellsbury is expected to become an All-Star in the outfield in the future but first he has to earn the starting spot.

Many Red Sox fans will argue that Ellsbury did just that last year in September and the playoffs but I firmly believe Coco Crisp deserves the opportunity to win position back. Crisp is the 28-year old, five year veteran incumbent who deserves more respect than to have a rookie steal his position. Let Ellsbury compete in Spring Training for the starting centerfield position and whichever player plays better gets the nod against Oakland on March 25 in Japan. It is the only fair way to make the decision

I know all you Ellsbury lovers and Crisp haters are going to say Crisp had his chance and he blew it. Well folks, it is a new year and a new season, anything can happen. Right now Crisp certainly has a leg up on Ellsbury because of Terry Francona. Like Boston College men’s basketball head coach Al Skinner, Francona favors the veterans because of their experience. In the fall of 2005, Tyrese Rice was a better player than incumbent point guard Louis Hinnant but Hinnant got the starting position over Rice’s relative inexperience at the collegiate level. Ellsbury is the same position as Rice was two years ago, he is Rice and Crisp is Hinnant.

Young guys have to earn their spots on the team they should not just be handed to them. Even Tom Brady earned the quarterback job for the Patriots. He played better (much better) than Drew Bledsoe in 2001. Let the rookies and veterans compete for the starting position to see who deserves the role.

I am not an Ellsbury hater, the guy is going to be a great player some day. Note that I said some day not today. He is not Rajon Rondo. Ellsbury needs some more seasoning and being Crisp’s understudy, like Rice was for Hinnant in 2005-2006, he will become better.

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